USA Study Trip Meeting 1 – Trent at San Francisco Public Libraries

Meeting 1 – 17.10.11, 2pm
Joseph Trent Garcia, eResources Specialist for San Francisco Public Libraries
Reasons to meet

  • San Francisco was mainly holiday, but San Francisco have been running with Overdrive for a while, and I wanted to hear Trent’s view on how best to promote it
  • I also wanted to find out what other ebook and online resource tools he thought were the best


  • I observed Trent doing an introduction to Overdrive for library users who were not ICT confident.
  • Trent said that the uptake for Overdrive was massive – there is one title (Amazing life of Henrietta Lacks), where they had 15 ebook copies, and there were still 65 holds on it!
  • They hadn’t done a massive amount of marketing, he thought a lot of the continual increase in Overdrive statistics came down to word of mouth. He also thought the catalogue links worked as effective advertising
  • They have Mandarin and Spanish titles in Overdrive, but these aren’t used much – Trent thinks the users who’d be interested in them don’t know about them
  • Trent said that whilst their online resource stats were reasonably high, they haven’t increased in the last few years, and he needs to rethink what they subscribe to
  • Trent mentioned several other online resources as being worth looking at, including Mango languages, which he said was really popular with users
  • Trent talked about digitisation of local history documents – this is something we could think about in terms of starting an online school archive – we already have this in terms of newsletters etc. but is it all stored in one place?

Josie to take away

  • Look at Alexander & Press World Music resource, Mango languages , Byki and Safari Techbook (this last maybe too advanced?) to see if we should start subscribing to thiese
  • Find out if Mandarin titles available to buy in Overdrive are simplified or traditional, and see if there’s a market for these at school
  • Ask Heather if we can get link to Overdrive ebooks on school homepage. Or at least from the library page at any rate!
  • Work with Marivic to add catalogue records for the most popular ebooks we have on Overdrive

About angellibrarian

Children's/teen librarian working in an international school in Thailand.
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