USA Study Trip Meeting 7 – Rachel Payne, Brooklyn Public Libraries

Meeting 7 – 26.10.11, 1pm

Rachel Payne, Coordinator of children’s and family services at Brooklyn Public Libraries

Reasons for Meeting

  • Brooklyn Public Libraries do a lot of sessions for children and parents, including a bilingual Para los Niños/For the Children session


  • Rachel took me through the different family sessions they do.  These are for a variety of age levels, and the main goal is to get children into the library, and get parents into the habit of sharing books.  We talked about the Para los Niños session in more detail, as this had a different focus each week such as healthy living, etc, and including information for the parents as well as the children
  • We talked about ebooks.  Rachel thinks there’s a benefit from convenience, but children don’t really care about format, content is more important to them.  Rachel recommended looking at Bookflix and Trueflix, as something similar to Tumblebooks but for older children.  I also discussed ebooks with Rachel’s colleague, who said that a lot of teens had become enthusiastic users of Overdrive through seeing a librarian demonstrate it during a reading group session
  • Rachel’s colleague told me that Overdrive will add links to the Gutenberg ebooks for free if you ask them!
  • Research skills – Rachel used to be a teacher, and commented that children are not as net-savvy as we think, and credibility and ethical use of sources should be priorities in research skills teaching
  • We discussed different ways of getting parents involved in library services, either through sessions, groups such as “friends of the library”, or volunteering

Josie to take away

  • Have a look at Bookflix and Netflix, to see if worth starting a subscription
  • Start including some quick messages to parents during Storytimes – did you know that you can…. this book is really great to share with children because…. , etc, and suggest Koog does the same in Thai
  • Arrange to speak to SPA to see what they could do to promote the library – we don’t need money from them, but they could be great at raising awareness
  • Ask Catrin if I could do a quick Overdrive demonstration during Senior Reading Group one day
  • Email Ben at Overdrive to ask to get Gutenberg Ebooks added to our collection ASAP!

About angellibrarian

Children's/teen librarian working in an international school in Thailand.
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