USA Study Trip Meeting 5 – Chappaqua Public Library

Meeting 5 – 24.10.11, 4.15pm

Miriam Lang Budin and Kelly-Ann Pajer, Children’s Room Staff at Chappaqua Public Library

Reasons for Meeting

  • They have a really active children’s program with 16 preschool events each week and regular events for school age children.  I wanted to find out how they had developed and diversified this.


  • Miriam talked about their Multi-lingual Mother Goose session, where parents and toddlers sing nursery rhymes in a variety of languages – each of the songs had been contributed by a parent at some point
  • Miriam explained that they’d expanded and changed sessions according to the demographic using the library (age-groups, languages spoken, etc), and ran sessions at different times to suit different parents’ schedules.  They used the numbers attending sessions to guage success
  • I observed Kelly Ann’s Stories and More session, where she read aloud a chapter from a longer storybook to a group of K-2 children, and did a quiz and game.  I was really impressed by Kelly Ann’s ability to maintain the children’s attention, and think this could be worth trying with a similar age group here
  • Kelly Ann talked about what she enjoyed doing in the sessions, and what she thought the benefits were for the children
  • Both Miriam and Kelly said that they value of doing these sessions is not really in what the children listen to and learn, but that it gets parents bringing the children into the library regularly, and encourages parents to share stories in a similar way

Josie to take away

  • Start having flyers in the library to advertise Storytime
  • Consider doing a duplicate Storytime session first thing before school, to appeal to parents who visit the library at this time instead.  Would this mean we’d need to open at 7am?
  • At the moment we just use numbers as a feedback gauge as well – should we do something like a questionnaire to get a better idea of what parents do/don’t like about Storytime?
  • Bring a whiteboard down to Storytime to use in a few extra games, and think about adding some nursery rhymes
  • When English Storytime has really high numbers, this isn’t a reason to stop advertising, it’s a reason to start doing two a week!


About angellibrarian

Children's/teen librarian working in an international school in Thailand.
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