USA Study Trip Meeting 4 – Brenda Shufelt, Librarian at PS30

Meeting 4 – 24.10.11, 1pm

Brenda Shufelt, Librarian at PS30, a small K-5 school in Upper East Side

Reasons to meet

  • Brenda recently did some Family Reading Nights with parents
  • I wanted to see how research skills teaching could be introduced at this young level


  • Brenda organised a series of Family Reading Nights – family came in after school, teachers took  children to one room to read stories, and librarians took parents to another to talk about ways to share books with children, and how children benefitted from this.  This was advertised through leaflets, and also the school’s parent volunteers rang the homes of families that they thought would benefit!
  • Brenda also ran a long-term research project with 2nd grade, slowing it right down to include skills teaching.

  1. She used an IWB to get the class to practice putting something in their own words – sentence from a book on the screen, and they all had to say it in their own version.
  2. The project they did was on an animal –she made sure each of the animals on the list had a book, a pebblego entry, and a nat geographic kids entry – Brenda stressed that this preparation was important
  3. Children took information from each of these and wrote it in their own words
  4. She can gave them a big flip chart sheet, with 4 boxes, each a different subheading.  Children cut the notes out, and stuck them under the subheading they fitted with.
  5. Finally, they typed things out in that order, to create the final report.  I really liked this as a way to give a visceral idea of the process of taking notes and then converting them into a report.

Josie to take away

  • Look at (EY-Y2 info resource), and consider starting a subscription
  • Speak to SPA, to get more ideas about getting parents into the library
  • Continue plans for a reading tea and topics with Beth
  • Adapt Brenda’s research skills approach for a project with Y3 or Y4
  • Think about doing some “sharing books” skills sessions for nannies, who may not be as accustomed to doing this, possibly getting Thai staff to do these sessions in Thai.
  • Encourage more nannies to join the library – suggest parents write to say they will take responsibility for books the nanny borrows?

About angellibrarian

Children's/teen librarian working in an international school in Thailand.
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