USA Study Trip Meeting 3 – Andrea Swenson, Librarian at ESCHS

Meeting 3 – 24.10.11, 11am

Andrea Swenson at East Side Community High School (grades 6-12)

Reasons to meet

  • Barbara had recommended Andrea as an outstanding librarian
  • Andrea had just received a new grant for laptops, nooks, cameras and screens in the library, and I wanted to see what she planned doing with them
  • Andrea does a lot of collaborative work on information literacy


  • In talking about information skills, Andrea stressed that librarians had to be innovative in their approach to teaching these to hook teachers in – suggesting a new end-product such as a podcast or filmed presentation.  Part of generating a new end-product will often mean reframing the question, which adds value to the research done
  • Have a series of “end product” ideas ready to offer to teachers, and also a series of “information nuggets” – research lessons that you can seamlessly fit into those projects so that the students’ research skills improve
  • Andrea talked about what she was planning to do with the new technology – much of this such as the cameras was to make it easier to create different types of research end-products
  • Approximation of Andrea’s favourite quote – “Libraries are no longer where we provide stuff, but where we create stuff” – might be a Buffy Hamilton phrase?
  • Collaboration – importance of going to HOD meetings, getting foot in the door wherever there may be supportive teachers.

Josie to take away

  • Speak to library staff and come up with list of end-products and nuggets ready to use in collaboration with teachers
  • Josie to read up on the theory behind “framing the question”
  • Look for Nancy Johnson’s book on Framing Questions
  • Start planning which Departments/Junior Yeargroups would be best to start with

About angellibrarian

Children's/teen librarian working in an international school in Thailand.
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