Some thoughts pre-AASL11

At the end of October I’m going to be attending the AASL11 conference (American Association of School Librarians), which I am super excited about!  The conference is in Minneapolis, and is going to be part of a two week study trip for me.  I thought it would be useful to note down here a few of the things I’m hoping to get out of the conference in particular.

During the study trip as a whole, I have 4 things that I want to focus on;

  • Teaching research skills, and best practice on collaborating with teachers on this
  • Promoting the library to parents, and getting parents involved in the library
  • Encouraging students to read for pleasure in more than one language
  • Ebooks – in particular Overdrive, which we’ve just started – what are other schools doing to promote the use of these?

At the conference itself, obviously I will be using these points of focus when I choose which of the concurrent sessions I’m going to attend.  (I also hope I get to go to something looking at using graphic novels in a library setting).  However, another really importatant part of the conference is the people you get to meet, and these are things that I hope to talk to lots of librarians about over the course of the conference.

I will be aiming to blog daily during the course and the study trip, to record what I’ve done, and have a bit of space for reflection.  This may mean that for the next few weeks, this blog is very useful for me, but more introspective – apologies if this means it isn’t interesting to read.


About angellibrarian

Children's/teen librarian working in an international school in Thailand.
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