Thing 13; Google Docs, Wikis and Dropbox – a super quick post so I can get onto Thing 14…

Google Docs
I do sometimes use Google Docs, but generally for things that I keep wanting to go back and change, rather than shared documents. So I should try using this for a shared doc in the future.

There’s a wiki that I am involved with the content for, which is a place for FOBISSEA librarians (Federation of British International Schools in South East Asia), to share views and info. I did find that useful, and much more empowering than a mailing list. However, it does mean that people have to make the effort to go and check it and update content. For that sort of group contact, I think a Wiki is much more convenient for people who want to provide as well as use content, but if anyone just wants to read what other people have put, it’s not as easy.

Finally, Dropbox
I think Dropbox is a great idea, and I have it installed on my computer at home. I specifically asked to have it installed on my computer at work (along with Evernote), but whilst I did get Evernote this one never came. It’s kinda frustrating, but generally ICT staff at my school are very good to us, so I didn’t want to push my luck. I can still access all my Dropbox documents online by logging into their website, so it just takes a few extra clicks for now. It has thankfully stopped me having to email documents to myself whenever I wanted to pick them up at home and carry on working there – I got sick of trying to work out which was the most recently emailed version! Again, I haven’t really tried out the sharing functions yet – maybe this says something about my work situation, that so much of my written work is independent (though in terms of projects and aims I am always working with other people!).  I think Dropbox is a great idea, and is a handy middle step between storing all files on your computer, and saving everything to the mythical cloud of the future.


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Children's/teen librarian working in an international school in Thailand.
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