23 things for Professional Development – thing 4

So, thing 4 is all about current awareness.  I think I’m pretty sorted out on this – I’m regularly using Twitter (see feed on the right), and I use this just for professional stuff, as I like to keep the personal/professional fence up online.  I do find Twitter a really useful tool – especially as geographically I’m on the other side of the world.  Through the people I follow, I do feel like I’m in touch with what’s going on in school and public libraries back in the UK.  This is good merely from a staying-in-touch point of view, but also I think that if I’m back in England in 2 years time at a job interview, the current understanding I’ll have from reading Twitter will be an absolute godsend.

With RSS feeds, I’ve known about them and how to use them, but it wasn’t until CPD23 started that  I decided to take  deep breath and start consciously using them.  I have several now organised in my Google Reader – mostly library ones, along with a few vegetarian/vegan blogs.  I do think it’s a good idea, and enables you to access updates and comments very easily.  However, with both Google Reader and Twitter, I hate how obvious it gets that you’re never going to read all the information that comes your way – with either I’ll log on when I get home from work and look at what’s been posted in the previous 5 minutes.  I know this is just a fact of life with online information, and that it is sensible to view information selectively, but it still frustrates me because I can no longer be in denial about the stuff I’m choosing not to read!

I have now installed Pushnote – but it appears that noone that I know on facebook OR twitter has it already installed – I feel a little bit friendless!  I will keep an eye on it, and see if any comments come up in the future.

Of these three tools, I definitely find Twitter the most useful, as I get a lot of information and updates from checking it very briefly.  However, Twitter is also the one that I’ve been using the longest, and the one that I’ve spent most time putting my own information into – I guess I’ll have to wait and give Google Reader a chance, to see if that benefits me just as much.


About angellibrarian

Children's/teen librarian working in an international school in Thailand.
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