23 things for professional development – thing 3

So – thing 3 is reflecting in the online persona/brand that I have.  It was a really good idea to neaten up twitter, wordpress, and linkedin, which are my main public pages online.  I found that I was Josephine on some and Josie on others, and it’s a good opportunity to tidy that up  (hey, I’m a librarian.  I like tidying and organising!)

I have to admit, I’m actually rather vain about the fact that I’m the only Josie Crimp on the internet – even now when I type that into google everything that comes up connects back to me!  Most of the links I was happy with – either work, bellringing or facebook.  However, there were a few weird online profiles that I didn’t remember setting up, so I’m going to try and delete these.

I already have the same photo on all my “work” online spaces (for me, facebook is fun, twitter is work, and they’re both completely separate).  I use the same photo mainly because Normai, who is our photographer at school, took a really lovely photo of me in the library that I am happy to see anywhere!  Thank you Normai!  However, I found it interesting to reflect on the benefit of using the same photo in several different places for consistancy, quite aside from the fact that I’m vain and I like the photo!

I then tried searching angellibrarian in google, which is the name I used for twitter, wordpress, skype, and a few other things. Google automatically changes to “angel librarian” which brings up a whole host of wargame links, most of which with the word “blood” in their description.  However, reversing this change means that 90% of the links that come up are me, and 90% are those I’m happy seeing.  It brought up several that I’d completely forgotten about – amazon reviews and my shelfari page for example – but which tie in quite well with library stuff- so much so that these would be great to add as widgets to my blog, maybe.

However, I really liked the idea of having a colour/style connecting my twitter and wordpress pages, so I’m going to see if I can do that next.  I’m then going to look at 5 or so other blogs from the cpd23 list, and see how their brand is similar/different to mine.


About angellibrarian

Children's/teen librarian working in an international school in Thailand.
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2 Responses to 23 things for professional development – thing 3

  1. Alan Green says:

    Hello Josie. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog persona. You come across very well on your blog. You seem to be really engaging with the process, really thinking about each of the things in depth. Working in an international school in Thailand makes your blog stand out from the crowd. (We are all jealous.) That should make it easier for you to develop your online presence.

    • Hi Alan. Thanks – that’s good to hear! Yes, I’m going to start trying to put a few more things in about librarianship within Thai culture/politics. I think I’ve been concentrating on showing I have stuff in common with other people on cpd23, but I guess it’s the things that are different between each of our roles that are going to make each of our blogs worth reading! Will be checking back on your blog as the next few Things come up.

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