23 things for professional development – thing 2

So, these are the blogs that I’m planning to check more regularly – I’m thinking if I stick to a smaller list it will be more feasible.

http://thewikiman.org/blog/?p=783 – looks really good, and great that he’s so happy to share so many documents for free

http://agnosticmaybe.wordpress.com/ – because I like thinking about the principles behind things

http://librarianbyday.net/ – I’ve followed her on twitter for a while and she looks kinda cool 🙂

I still can’t quite decide whether it’s easier to check them through google reader, or as RSS feeds in my home page.

I will also be checking out other articles from other people – probably mainly though picking them up from twitter or CPD23.  Good luck to all other CPD23 peeps!


About angellibrarian

Children's/teen librarian working in an international school in Thailand.
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2 Responses to 23 things for professional development – thing 2

  1. JennyJenny says:

    I use RSS feeds i Google Reader for the things I follow. I follow several 100 things so have things grouped into categories. I also get TOC of the main relevant journals sent to it too. It works for me, especially being able to star stuff for later use.

  2. Tamara Cox says:

    Hi! Thanks for the comment. As to your question about font size… Our students usually increase the font size. I should have included that in my post, but forgot. Oops. Research has shown this helps them by allowing them to focus with fewer words on the page. Using the Kindle is actually cheaper than trying to order large print books. The Kindle font gets bigger than the Nook which is one reason we chose it. Thanks! Look forward to hearing more from you as we go through CPD23.

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