23 things for Professional Development – thing 1

So – why am I doing 23 things?  I think it’s always good for professional development to be a conscious thing to do, and I’m hoping to reflect more on my work as a librarian and where I want to go.  Careerwise, I’ve been in children’s librarianship throughout my life – first in public libraries, and now in an international school in Thailand.  I have a great job out here, and a great work/life balance, and I’m planning on staying out here at least 2 years.  However, at the same time I’m shocked about everything I hear about the funding crisis in public libraries back home, and somewhat guilty that I’m not there fighting for the righteous cause myself.  Eventually I do want to go back to working in public libraries, hopefully at a more senior level.  On the other hand, working at a very well-funded school does have its benefits – it’s very easy to take unlimited glue-sticks for granted, let alone good levels of staffing, and budgetary freedom!  I do also love working internationally, and would be very tempted by a job in a spanish-speaking country if one were ever to come up.

Aside from that, there’s the whole ebooks thing which will hopefully be a positive game-changer for libraries, rather than a reason to no longer have them.  We’re hoping to start providing ebooks in my school next year through Overdrive, and it would be great to make some connections with other librarians, and find out what ebooks models they think will work in the long term.

In conclusion, I’m hoping 23 things will help me stop, look at where I’ve come from over the last 5 years, and start thinking about where I want my career to go, and libraries in general to go, in the next decade.


About angellibrarian

Children's/teen librarian working in an international school in Thailand.
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2 Responses to 23 things for Professional Development – thing 1

  1. Laura says:

    Hello, your current job sounds really interesting. I’m just at the start of my library career and thought it would be interesting to hear the perspectives of both a school librarian and a librarian working internationally. I look forward to your future blog posts!

  2. Hi Laura,
    Thanks for your comment. I never planned on library-ing anywhere outside the UK, but it’s turned out to be a fun few years, so it’s funny how these things work out! Are you thinking of going into school librarianship at all? What sectors are you thinking of working with?
    Look forward to seeing what you post about branding….

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